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They’ll need each other to escape… 

The Birdcage

After raising her children, Jillian returns to the workforce in her first VP level role. But her marriage to Matt threatens to be torn apart from within by the influences of her misogynist boss.

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My Story

I’ve been studying people and what makes them tick since the age of ten when I decided to become a figure skating coach. My fascination with the human soul only grew as I became a wife and mother. Professionally, I continued to enjoy engaging with people during my time as a direct sales rep, an executive recruiter then as co-founder of a recruitment firm. 

Faced with re-entering the workforce when my youngest was due to start school, I found it wasn’t in my heart to return to sales. From deep within I felt the urge to communicate with others through fiction instead, and in turn, discovered what I was born to do.

Relationships fascinate me. Marital, romantic, familial, professional—as long as they’re ripe with complexity and emotion—I’ll be writing them. I live in an idyllic Southern Ontario hamlet with my husband, sons and vegetable garden. 

My Books
short stories

1,456 People

Chad struggles to keep hold of Maggie when the influence of new religious friends threatens to tear them apart.

Just One

After committing an unforgiveable offence, Dominic turns to a support group in hopes of finding himself.

The Bush

A young woman takes pause to find meaning in nature.

The Birdcage Reviews

A relatable story for female managers in a man's world, who know having it all is next to impossible. Enticing and convincing story about a good marriage being at risk, caused by unspoken perceptions and expectations. With love for her characters, Krista wrote a compelling story with an important theme!



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